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  • How much does a Stellate Ganglion Block cost?
    At our clinic the price is $500.00 per side, this includes the initial visit, post procedure visit and the injection. Usually only the right side is needed to achieve relief.
  • What does a Stellate Ganglion Block treat?
    SGB can treat syndromes that are associated with a sympathetic response. Examples include POTS, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, PTSD, Raynauds, Post stroke pain, Anxiety, Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Loss of smell and taste among other things. There is research with good support behind PTSD and CRPS the research for a lot of the other uses is not as robust.
  • Which symptoms of Long Covid will the Stellate help?
    It is effective in 90% of the patients we have treated. Generally all the symptoms that are associated with Long Covid are resolved after only one block. The only symptom that can be a little more difficult is taste and smell. This sometimes requires that we add a different type of block.
  • How long will it last?
    We don’t know the answer to this yet. In patients that have been using SGB for PTSD and CRPS re-treatment is needed every 6 months to a year.
  • How many injections will I need?
    People usually respond to just one injection on the right side. In 20% of the population the left side is dominant rather than the right, but that does not seem to hold true for Long Covid symptoms. We rarely will have to do a left sided block due to failure of the right (< 2% of the time). That being said if your symptoms have a lot of heart related changes both a left and right sided stellate may be needed. If you are traveling from outside of the state we may do both the right and left while you are here.
  • How long does a Stellate take to work?
    Many of the symptoms are noticeably better within 15 minutes of the procedure. With some symptoms there is steady improvement over the 1-2 weeks following the injection.

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